Students from many different fields come together to learn and conduct research in our Earth Energy Systems program.  Each student participates in several educational elements throughout the program. Students enroll in Earth Energy core courses, case study modules, and energy modules.  Students also enroll in courses within their own discipline as advised by their advisor.  Each semester, students attend and participate in a weekly research seminar where they hear their peers present on their individual research and projects.  Each student is required to present once a semester to the students and faculty.  Students conduct their own research with their advisor, utilizing fundamental approaches presented in course work.  In addition to the in-class instruction, students are encouraged to participate in off-campus field work. Students continue with their multidisciplinary graduate research until they have completed their degree.



  • Interdisciplinary Earth Energy core courses and energy technology modules and project work
  • Student-specific graduate courses and energy technology modules within their own discipline
  • Multidisciplinary Earth Energy graduate research
  • Weekly research seminar with all students participating


Recommended Curriculum Components

– Analysis of Sustainable Energy Systems

– Earth System Behavior and Resources

– Earth Energy Science and Engineering

  • Enroll in 4-5 Modules
  • Attend and participate in regular weekly seminar
  • Conduct multidisciplinary earth energy graduate research
  • Off campus field work encouraged