Graduate students learn through formal courses, team projects, field trips to local energy production and resource recovery sites as well as distant locations, and in-depth individual research to understand natural earth systems, energy engineering science and technology development, energy economics, and the system that connects these three themes to a complex and global society. This is a unique program in the US that draws on Cornell’s leadership in Earth energy and other energy technology areas that include bioenergy, solar and wind and water-energy systems. Over fifty engineering and science faculty are involved in this exciting endeavor.

Teaching Methods

  • Students participate in mini‐courses, collaborative projects and are exposed to real‐world case studies for interdisciplinary training.
  • Students receive training in hands‐on and in-the-field project work, applying as teams the fundamentals and methodologies from multiple disciplines to Earth energy problems.
  • Students have the ability to participate in various internship opportunities, work in teams to collaborate on complex technical challenges, and review case studies regarding the social impacts and ethical issues of energy solutions